Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Announcing... THE EVENT!!!!! (trumpets and drums, please)

First, thanks to Acts of the Apostacy.

That is what it's called, thanks (?) to the "Climate Reality Project" (using the term "reality" loosely, of course).   The Event is also known as "24 Hours of Reality" - dedicated to broadcasting the propaganda reality of (what else?) climate change!  Apparently Al Gore is going to be presenting a multi-media message to all the world once every hour during this "24 hours".  

"And just how will this fertilizer fertile message spread?", you breathlessly ask.  Ah, that's where you and your naivte are supposed to step up to the plate!  Yes, you are being called upon - particularly if you have Facebook and/or Twitter accounts!  It is your solemn duty, as good little envirowhacko dupes, to donate access to your social network accounts during those 24 hours!   Hurry!  Hurry!  You must save the planet!  Sign up immediately!   Don't worry about access to your accounts afterwards when Mother Gaia Earth depends on you! 

Acts of the Apostacy believes that thousands have already swallowed the "environmentally-friendly" koolaid on this.  If he's right, that means that thousands lack an iota of common sense.  Well, Al Gore, you aren't getting my accounts!  And no, I will NOT buy any "carbon offsets" for my refusal to spread your crap!

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