Sunday, September 4, 2011

Do Maryland DREAM Act Suporters Intend To Profane The Mass?

On July 21st, I posted about an announced campaign by the Maryland bishops for a "sabbath push" with the stated purpose of "devoting a weekend in September to teaching their congregations about the faith-based reasons to work for its passage", "it" of course being the DREAM Act.  On that same post, I mentioned a few reasons why a faithful Catholic could, in good conscience, oppose the DREAM Act.

This "sabbath push" is supposed to be in September - this month.  Obviously they would not have planned it for this weekend, since so many are away for the holiday.  However, this "push" could happen any weekend from now.  So how do they plan to accomplish this "sabbath push"?

According to the General Instructions of the Roman Missal (GIRM), the homily is "a living commentary on the word", that is, on the Scripture passages of the day.  The homily is also legitimately used to expound upon Church teaching, that is, faith and morals.  These are articles in which all Catholics must believe.  However, there can be legitimate differences of opinion on how to implement due respect for all of God's people.  The DREAM act contatins many areas of legitimate differences as this act impacts many people and not just immigrants here illegally.   Therefore, I believe it would be downright unethical for the DREAM Act supporters in Maryland's three chanceries to use the Sunday homily as a "bully pulpit" to insinuate that their particular opinion on the DREAM Act constitutes "the Church's position".  

Let me state this further.  I believe such use of the Sunday pulpit would constitute liturgical abuse and profanation of Holy Mass to espouse an agenda that is purely political.  Yes, yes, I know that statement is hurled at us all the time when the issues are abortion and gay marriage, but abortion and gay marriage are intrinisic evils.  About these there can be no morally licit "differences of opinion".

I have not heard of specific plans for this "sabbath push".  However, if we Catholics are forced to be "captive audiences" to propaganda-speeches, there will be protests.  To those in the chanceries who read this blog (and you do!):  I beg you not to profane the Mass in this manner.

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  1. It is so totally wrong to use the church for politcal agendas. The DREAM Act does indeed have problems and any loving Catholic would have no problem opposing it.


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