Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Less-Than-Peaceful Planned Parenthood Funding Supporter

From the New haven Register, we read that local police and FBI agents visited the home of an elderly woman in Guilford CT after she left threatening messages on the phone of a politician.  She threatened to castrate him because he favors the defunding of Planned Parenthood.  She was "very upset" because she used to volunteer with Planned Parenthood.  See what slavishness these death-dealing organizations engender?

While the authorities did verify that this woman did indeed make the threats, they declined to arrest her, not believing the threats to be credible.  One wonders what might have been their course of action had the woman been in favor of cutting the Planned Parenthood funding and she had directed her threat to a pro-abortion politician.  The reports do not name the woman.

The reports also decline to name the threatened politician.  However, there are many politicians whom the woman would not have been inclined to threaten in her rather bizarre manner, including Republicans.  Due to their votes to continue the Planned Parenthood funding, she would not have felt it necessary to make such calls to them.  And yes, the previous sentence can have several meanings!!

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