Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wisconsin AFL-CIO And Planned Parenthood Hold Joint Rally

I know some of my readers are wondering what does the situation in Wisconsin have to do with morality?  After all, aren't the unions all about worker justice?  Well, that's what they'd like us to believe, and it does seem that the Wisconsin bishops and the USCCB swallowed that tripe "hook, line and sinker".  However, in joining with Planned Parenthood in such an open manner, the AFL-CIO has tipped their hand.  Will the dupes who work with the USCCB and the left-leaning Catholic Conferences now wake up?

I for one don't think the paring of AFL-CIO and Planned Parenthood to be such an "odd couple" combination.  Why, they've lately demonstrated that they have so much in common!  "What is that?", you may ask.  What they have in common is ravenous desire to pick the pockets of the tax-paying citizens.

In that article is an embedded video.  Click here if you cannot see it.

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