Friday, March 18, 2011

Alberta Bishops Cop Out Of Their Local March For Life

Actually, they claim to be boycotting that March for Life.  And what is the lame excuse?  Oh yes, it's lame!  They're not coming because march organizers cannot guarantee that participants won't bring graphic abortion pictures - the ones that tell the plain truth about what abortion is.  The pictures that do tend to prick consciences with their frank depiction of the horrid violence that is abortion.

I suppose the bishops don't want people to be made uncomfortable by the truth.  But isn't that the nature of truth?  There are, in fact, only two authentic reactions to truth.  They are:
  • Acceptance of the truth and adherence to it, usually resulting in repentance and coversion
  • Rejection of the truth and bitter hatred of those who bear its standard, often resulting in violent actions to the truth-bearers (the woman mentioned in the post below suffered such violence)
No phony "kinder and gentler" approach will do, as any attempt to spin the truth or put a "kind face" to it will inherently render the truth to be falsehood.

So why are the bishops refusing to be around the stark depictions of the truth?  Will they soon be taking down the crucifixes from their churches and other buildings?  The Lifesitenews article from which I gleaned this information has the contact information for these bishops.  Please - particularly my Canadian readers - write to them and insist that they "man up" to their sacerdotal graces and responsibilities.

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