Saturday, March 19, 2011

So Shut It Down Already!!

Dingy Harry Reid is on record of saying that he'd rather see the federal government shut down rather than drop funding for Planned Parenthood.  So who's being an "obstructionist" now??? 

I share Father Pavone's sentiments when he says that if the federal government is going to fund baby-killing, it deserves to be shut down, as it has abandoned its main purpose - the defense of all its citizens from unjust aggression.

So the progressives want the beheamoth shut down if Planned Parenthood is defunded; we pro-lifers say it should be shut down if it continues in the baby-killing business.  It seems that both sides see the federal government as being rather expendible - and the greater bulk of it is.  So let the shut-down happen!  I for one don't see that as a problem.  It's far better than the United States incurring more blood guilt for babies slain.


  1. unborn fetuses are far from citizens.

  2. Anonymous of 8:48am, see my reply on the March 26th post.


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