Monday, March 7, 2011

Maryland Citizens! Keep Up Those Phone Calls And Emails!

HB175 is on the House floor now.  If it passes, O'Malley will sign it.  Please - in addition to your own delegates - call and email the following:

District 19-(Montgomery County) Sam Arora- 410-841-3528
District 43¬(Baltimore City) Curt Anderson- 410- 841- 3291
District 8-(Baltimore County) Eric Bromwell- 410-841-3766
District 40- (Baltimore City) Frank Conaway- 410-841-3189
District 22- (PG County) Tawanna Gaines- 410-841-3058
District 25-(PG County) Melony Griffith- 410-841-3557
District 44-(Baltimore City) Keith Haynes- 410-841-3801
District 46-(Baltimore City) Brian McHale-410-841-3319
District 28-(Charles County) Peter Murphy- 410-841-3247
District 27A (PG County) James Proctor- 410-841-3083
District 47-(PG County) Michael Summers- 410-841-3340
District 40 – (Baltimore City) Shawn Tarrant- 410-841-3545
District 13-(Howard County) Frank Turner- 410-841-3246
District 26-(PG County) Veronica Turner- 410-841-3212

For a "one-stop" web location of all contact information, visit

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