Monday, March 7, 2011

Governor Cuomo Not Meeting With Catholic Leaders

New York's bishops and other leaders are preparing for a state Catholic conference.  According to this CBS article, it is apparently a tradition for the governor to participate in these conferences.  However, he informed Archbishop Dolan that he could not make it this year.

Some view it as a snub, owing to Edward Peter's remarks that Cuomo should be denied Communion, on account of his very public shack-up and dissident views.  My opinion?  Big deal!  If anything, the governor is sparing the New York bishops the duty of telling him that he has absolutely no business attending that Catholic conference.  There is nothing worthwhile he could bring to the conference table, seeing that he is playing the dissident both in his public policies and not-so-private life.

Let's be even more realistic.  I doubt the bishops would have the requisite calcium in their spines to turn him away from the conference if he did attend.  Cuomo is (perhaps unwittingly) preventing their further disgrace and humiliation.

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