Sunday, March 27, 2011

Biden Staff Locks Reporter In Closet??

A Michelle Malkin column alerted me to this Daily Mail article.  Given the subject matter, it's no surprise that the mainstream-media liberal lemmings would remain mum about this.  So we have to learn of this through a British publication and Newsbusters.

Apparently the incident happened this past Wednesday, at a Florida fundraiser for Ben Nelson.  Joe Biden was to appear.  An Orlando Sentinel reporter, Scott Powers, was not deemed fit to mingle with the guests (who paid the pittance of $500 to attend this fufu).  I don't quite understand how the staffers got Powers to go into the closet, but once he was there, the staffers made certain he didn't leave.

Strangely, there is no outrage over this - as there would be, had Republicans pulled this feloneous stunt.  Yes, I said felony.  Last I checked, "kidnapping" and "false imprisonment" were felonies.  Not even the Orlando Sentinel seems to care; I wonder if they were paid "hush money" - or perhaps threatened.

If nothing else, this highlights the need for First Amendment rights to be enjoyed - and utilized - by all, including average bloggers like Yours Truly.

It also highlights the need to further in 2012 what was started in 2010, and to make sure that Biden is safely out of public office.

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