Monday, March 28, 2011

The Truth About Abortion Sends Pro-Abort Lemmings Into A Tizzy

What is it about pro-abortion people and their visceral reactions to the true pictures of abortion?  Could it be that their consciences are stung by the truth?  Might it be that their abortionist pals might lose out on a few hundred dollars if an abortion-bound woman sees the pictures and (gasp!) chooses not to abort her baby?  Just last week at the Silver Spring Planned Parenthood we saw yet another typical knee-jerk reaction, as a deathscort tries (in vain) to block the truth.  Take a look to your right!  Note that tell-tale orange vest.

In another area of the country, the Northland Family Planning Center in Lansing, Michigan, tried to put a pretty, smiley face on the horror of abortion via a video in January.  The Center for Bioethical Reform took that clip and spliced some shots therein telling the truth about abortion.  Seeing that their attempt to put lipstick on a rattlesnake was being foiled, the abortuary is threatening to sue CBR.  The Thomas More Law Center is representing CBR and sent a letter to the abortuary's attorneys stating that they would be happy to take the matter to court.

Below is the CBR video.  Warning: GRAPHIC!  Click here if you can't see embedded video

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