Saturday, October 1, 2011

From The "Get Your Hankies" Department

Yes, according to some who tilt to the left when it comes to the slaughter of babies, it is time to shudder and to shed a tear (and maybe some donation dollars).

First, let's look at a New York Times piece that appeared last Sunday.  There's a reason that some call this paper the "New York Slimes", and I think we see it now. At least they're putting this particular piece in their editorial section.  They should do the same for many of their pieces, but I digress.  As you read it, you can just see the angst and the fear as they see that the dear little baby butchers are being hindered from their baby-killing. That's what is entailed in what they call "termination of pregnancy".  Notice the first paragraph opines that we refuse to "accept the law of the land" and that we attempt to change it.  Excuse me, but since when are pro-life people to be considered excluded from the political process which is, by definition, the changing of law?  More hypocrisy is evident as they belittle the "onerous safety regulations like hallway width".  (By the way - that's to accomodate ambulance stretchers, should they be needed).  Would they be so dismissive of these regulations for a podiatrist office, or that of an oral surgeon?  I thought they wanted abortion to be a "safe" procedure - oh wait!  My bad!  They're after the safety of the money stream. 

Of course what they're trying to do is to gin up the usual pro-abortion activists to oppose the pro-life efforts.  We'd do well to make sure that we don't take too much comfort in this snivveling and to never relax our baby-saving efforts.

Speaking of snivveling, that is the modus operandi lately of Nancy Pelosi.  Read this snippet of an interview in which she referred to the House proposals to cut Planned Parenthood funding a "horror".  Got that?  She's HORRIFIED, I tell you!  Actually I can see her point.  If PP funding dries up, why, their PACs might have to cut back on their endorsements, donations and support of Pelosi's political hide.

However, I think her "horror" pales in comparison with what 3500 babies feel every day, no thanks to Pelosi, New York Times and the rest of the pro-baby-murder cabal.  By the way - listen to what the Vortex has to say about "horror".  Click here if you cannot see embedded video.

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