Monday, October 24, 2011

Faithful Catholics In El Paso - Reclaiming Their Church

While they pray and petition Bishop Armando Ochoa for the reinstatement of Father Michael Rodriguez as pastor of San Juan Bautista Church, faithful Catholics in the Diocese of El Paso are working to counteract heretical teachings emanating from the Tepeyak Institute and its classes that lay teachers, etc are required to take in order to serve in various parish capacities.  As you watch the Vortex below, you'll hear how the attendees heard that "God is feminine", the hosts for the Eucharist should be made of indiginous foods.  Listen to the second person; what caused him to walk out of the class was when the teacher said "Mass is just for fellowship."  Now listen carefuly to the third person, Ms. Celeste Herget.  She relates how she was told that after death there is a "second chance", constituting a denial of the particular judgment.  Now from where did that clap-trap come?  It seems that it came from Bishop Ochoa himself - yes read this article penned by His Excellency!  We "go into overtime at the transition of death"?  This is a new one on me!

So please watch the Vortex - but scroll to the section underneath it, for I do have some observations about how this situation and Father Pavone's situation, are being portrayed in some Catholic blogs!  Click here if you cannot see embedded video.

First I'll say this right now.  While I could be incorrect, I think that Father Pavone is being railroaded.  Mark Crutcher's video set forth some issue quite nicely.  It is interesting to see some patterns in other Catholic blogs.  Some of them are piling on Father Pavone, calling him "prideful", "disobedient", and on and on.  Yet on these same blogs I can find no sign of concern or even interest regarding the situation in El Paso.  I find that to be - rather illuminating, to say the least!

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