Thursday, October 27, 2011

Two Abortion Workers Plead Guilty To Murder

I touched a bit on Kermit Gosnell, a Philadelphia abortionist, who was under investigation for the death of a woman at his abortuary.  It became clear that a practice of his was to sever the spinal cords of the little ones who managed to exit their mothers' wombs alive.

Today it was announced that two of Gosnell's staff are pleading guilty of third-degree murder for their roles in the death of the woman and of a baby born alive during one such failed abortion.  Lifesite News has more details, as well as more details of the disgusting conditions that were found in Gosnell's slaughter-house.  Operation Rescue posted photos of some of the little victims.  It's so repugnant even the Washington Post found it impossible to ignore (read the comments that excoriate those who continue to pretend that abortion is just a "choice").

So two of them are pleading guilty in this case, while others (including Gosnell himself) will likely be deemed guilty of murder.  The fact is that anyone working in the abortion industry is guilty of murder.  I don't know the degree of individual culpability, but it's reasonable to opine that with any basic training in biology, as the doctors would have, would come realization that they are deliberately taking the life of an innocent person - the definition of murder.  God help them and God help anyone who remains silent, passive and apathetic in the face of such monstrous evil in our society.


  1. Than why doesn't PZ Myers, who has not only basic training in biology, but a PhD in it, is a professor of evolutionary developmental biology, and knows more about embryonic development than you and me put together, come to that conclusion?

  2. I have no idea why Dr Myers would not come to that conclusion. Really, now! How can I answer for his opinions?

    However, Dr Myer’s opinion is not the authoritative word on abortion being the unjust taking of a human life. How about the late Dr Jerome Lejeune, the French pediatrician who discovered the genetic anomaly that causes Down Syndrome (Trisomy 21)? Dr Lejeune was avidly pro-life and was hailed by Pope John Paul II for being so. How about some former abortionists who are now pro-life, like Tony Levatino, John Bruchalski, Joan Appleton, the late Bernard Nathanson (a NARAL founder, by the way) and others? They all recognize now that abortion is murder.

    Some information on PZ Myers for my other readers – If his name sounds vaguely familiar, let me refresh your memories. He’s the professor at the University of Minnesota who came up with the “scholarly” idea of procuring a Consecrated Host, and then drove a rusty nail through Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. Such is the mindset of those whom Thomas seems to hold in esteem.


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