Monday, October 24, 2011

Images Of Abortion

Dr Monica Migliorino Miller, Director of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society (and one of the Notre Dame 88) has released a new website dedicated to the telling, in pictoral format, the truth of abortion.  The pictures are horrid.  The reality is even more devastating.  As painful as it may be to behold them, consider the utter agony which these children were forced to undergo as they were literally torn apart.

These murders happend in the US at least 3500 times every day.  We have much blood guilt as a nation.  What are you doing to stop this?  To the extent that you remain passive in the face of such evil, to that extent you have the blood of babies on your hands.  Get up from your comfort zones and act NOW.  Join a 40 Days for Life effort for a start.  Continue that witness beyond the 40 Days session.

The site is  It will also be featured on the right bar of this blog.

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