Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Muslim Students Whine At Catholic University Of America

And just what is it that is causing them to wax indignant?  Well, it seems that when they gather for their prayers in empty classrooms the Crucifixes on the wall make them feel (gasp!) uncomfortable! 

Imagine that!  Crucifixes on the walls of a Catholic classroom!  Who'da thunk it??!!??  Oh, the politically-incorrect indignity of it all!!  But really!  Can you just imagine if the reverse situation had taken place?  That is, what might have happened if Catholic students at a Muslim institution had complained about the cresants and prayer rugs everywhere?  The beheadings would have commenced immediately!  Oh, wait!  My bad!  No Catholic would have ever been allowed admittance in the first place, so why bother considering that hypothetical situation?

It seems that things at Catholic University have improved immensely, at least from six years ago, when Cardinal McCarrick besmirched the University (and his own sacerdotal orders) by praying to "allah" as a kiss-up to the king of Jordan (if anyone forgot about that debacle, here it is).  I take this opportunity to commend again the CU administration for doing away with the co-ed dorms and pray that they hold fast to their Catholic convictions.

As for these muslim crybabies, may I suggest that they just high-tail it to Georgetown University?   Georgetown has already jettisoned its Catholic identity, and I suspect that damage is irreparable.  Hey - they've already demonstrated their propensity to take down or cover up their crucifixes, so these muslims should feel right at home!

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  1. What do the Catholic schools do in predominately muslim countries do? It's well known that muslims flock to those schools for their superior education, like Obama did as a child.


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