Monday, October 17, 2011

White Mass' Contradictory Planning Committee

On page 6 of the October 2011 edition of Our Parish Times is a 2/3 page advertisement for the annual White Mass.  It will take place Sunday, October 23rd at 11:30am at the Cathedral of Saint Matthew on Rhode Island Avenue.  This Mass is meant to "honor persons with special needs".

Listed therein is the "2011 Honorary Planning Committee".  We see on that list Mark Shriver.  No doubt he is on that list because of his parents, the late Eunice and Sargent Shriver.  Both did heroic work in their service to handicapped youngsters.  Moreover, both were pro-life and did not countenance abortion. 

Sadly, not all their children followed in their footsteps, but rather those of Uncle Ted.  Many people don't know that Ted Kennedy once was pro-life, but flip-flopped with what he perceived to be public opinion and literally threw the babes under the bus.  Mark Shriver, in his public career, promoted the legalized murder of babies, as evidenced by a Washington Post interview during his failed run for US Congress (the pertinent remarks are near the bottom of the page).  The "right to choose" often involves the deliberate murder of babies found to be handicapped, precisely because of their handicap.  Now why again should he be honored by being on this "honorary committee"?


  1. "Literally"? Come now, I may not rely on you for reason, but I have come to expect from you a certain grasp of English. I think you mean "figuratively" unless you have some proof that the late Senator literally jettisoned a group of infants underneath the wheels of a moving high-capacity motor coach.

  2. 52 million babies are literally dead. Or do you doubt the American holocaust, Thomas? Many Catholics, including the bishops and cardinals dancing attendance at Ted Kennedy's funeral, believe they will not be held accountable for this holocaust, but if not us, who? Ted Kennedy literally proposed and fought (dirty) to enact laws and to confirm judges that killed babies and jailed pro-lifers. He also w/Joe Biden "Borked" as in Robert Bork and calumnied as in Justice Thomas those whose sole "crime" was their defense of the right to life of the unborn. Ted Kennedy would not have been defeated in Massachusetts EVER. His baby killing effort was gratuitous evil stemming from his life of habitual adultery and sexual immorality. The shepherds in the Catholic church living out their own lives of habitual homosexual immorality (Bernardin, McCarrick et al) propped up this man (and all the men and women political leaders like Pelosi, Murkowski, Collins, Mikulski, Kerry, Cuomo, O'Malley ad nauseam) in rebellion and sin. When Ted Kennedy was dying he attempted to confess the 1000 women he had slept w/ and the $10 million he had paid in hush money in his autobiography, but his family suppressed it. I pray that Ted Kennedy had a priest to whom he was able to make a good confession before his death, but his suffering in purgatory will be great - and so will all of ours who aid and abet or simply drive by the American holocaust in silence. While we may be deaf and blind, the blood of these babies cries out to God day and night.


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