Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Warning To "Pro-Choice Clinic Escorts"!!

This post presents prima facie evidence that being a "pro-choice clinic escort" at an abortion center is detrimental to the mental well-being of the "escort".  It can come as no surprise to realize that if one serves as a lackey and shill for abortionists and provides assistance for them to receive the women to exploit and babies to murder, that they will suffer immense cognitive dissonance as they try to justify to their own consciences their aid and abetment of murder.

Today one escort (Ken, pictured at right), who with others is an operative of the Washington Area Clinic Defense Task Force, provided ample evidence of mental/moral degradation, which I was able to record.  Click hereWARNING - Vulgarity peppered throughout the tirade!  (Little legal note - it is apparent as you listen that he knew I was recording him.  I did not solicit his comments, nor did I respond to them.)

To any current and aspiring "clinic escorts":  If you start or continue to act in the capacity of "clinic escort", you risk suffering the intellectual corrosion as evidenced by the screed that you just heard.  Escorts, do yourselves a favor and get away from that now (or don't start), lest you wind up talking like Ken.


  1. Kudos to you, Janet, for keeping your peace under such abuse. He was obviously trying to get a reaction from you.



  2. This man needs our prayers.

  3. Expressing violence via language is a short step from violent action. By condoning this abuse, DC police set the stage for these escorts to use physical violence. This man should seek psychological help.

  4. Anon of 12:30 today, thanks for your feedback. A few points.
    I wouldn't call that diatribe "violence". "Vulgar" and "loutish" would be more accurate descriptors. As such, it isn't criminally actionable and thus I saw no reason to call police (would have been Montgomery County police and not DC police). He wasn't following me per se; I was pacing back and forth on the public sidewalk in front of the walkway to the entrance while he remained on the walkway.
    That said, perhaps I should apprise building management of this event, so that they can see just what filth is emanating from an agent of one of their tenants on their property.

  5. I'd say y'all are the filth purveyors here - want to see evil? Go check your mirror.

    1. Feeling a tad guilty, are you? I'm willing to bet you are a deathscort or know one of these individuals. Being in Baltimore, you aren't too far away now, are you? As far as your "allegations" go, what factual basis do you have? None - which is why you resort to ad hominem type of rants.


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