Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Update On Father Pavone From Mark Crutcher

What is going on?  (Click here if you cannot see embedded video)


  1. It would be prudent to await the information that Father Pavone’s bishop will publish after a full investigation. To do otherwise would to risk the same mistake of those who blindly defended Father Corapi against legitimate ecclesiastical authorities. Suffice it to say that Priests for Life has the lowest rating of any major Pro-Life group, according to an independent study of not-for-profit foundations. One “former director” receives nearly $200,000 annually although he is employed elsewhere. For the national rating:

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  2. It would have been prudent of Bishop Zureck to have waited for a full investigation before he issued that letter alleging disobedience and misappropriaton of funds, before using the word "suspended" to describe Father Pavone's status and to suggest that donations to Priests for Life cease. Frankly, I wonder if there would be any investigation at all if it weren't for the scrutiny and publicity that Mark Crutcher and others aren't shedding on this situation. I'd also like to see some "investigation" as to why Father Pavone isn't being allowed to attend to medical issues; depending on what those issues are, we could be talking of sin against the 5th Commandment.


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