Thursday, January 12, 2012

Another Chancery Offers Gobblygoop To Catholic Voters

This fluffy-puff piece comes from the Chancery of the Diocese of Salt Lake City.  Notice that it comes from their Director of the "Peace and Justice" Commission.  Right there that should give a warning of what is to come - and this piece lives down up to that warning.

On the surface, it looks like it says absolutely nothing and that this is just a waste of bandwidth and disk space on which to keep it.  However, it's a tad more insidious than that.  You'll notice that it's rife with the "seamless garment" fallacy, lumping the lives of the babies with "energy policy" and "food stamps".  It implies that the bishops don't place a heavy premium on the life issues, when in fact the bishops most certainly do place the life issues above the other matters.

This piece is a disservice to Catholics and all of good will.

(ht Pewsitter)

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