Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Masculinity And The Catholic Church

The Vortex is running a series this week on Masculinity and the Catholic Church.  One of the installments is below (click here if you cannot see embedded video).  If you go to their Youtube channel, you'll see the whole series.

I've just one caveat.  The first video is labled "Why Men Don't Go To Mass".  While I can see how insipid liturgies would be a turn-off, the nonsense in those liturgies would not excuse the mortal sin against the Third Commandment inherent in the refusal to go to Mass.  I'd like to point out that masculine sensibilities are not the only ones offended by "barney masses", priests bringing their dogs with them to the altar, etc.  So here's my challenge to such fellows:  "Hey!  So you find the Mass a little too frilly and silly?  Well, so what??  Don't just sit there, whine and refuse to go - because that is mortal sin that will lead to your eternal damnation if you don't wise up and grow up!  Do something constructive about the situation - but make sure you go to Mass whether you feel like it or not.  In a word, man up and stop acting like petulant toddlers!  And yes, put on a suit and tie when you go!"

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