Monday, January 2, 2012

Doctors Wanted To Abort Him

His parents rightly regarded that suggestion as an unthinkable horror!  I can only hope that those doctors had a "wake-up call" after watching Isaac grow.

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  1. If God's power ensured Isaac's live delivery, why did He not spare the boy a lifetime of unimaginable pain from Spina Bifida and its treatments?

  2. Thomas, I cannot pretend to know God's precise plan for this little guy's life. I do know that pain and suffering does not, in and of itself, render one's life devoid of love and happiness. Besides that, though, I'd suggest that you ask Him directly.

  3. The presence of love and happiness in his life does not mitigate the unspeakable depravity of a deliberate plan that includes an innocent child to be born with a hole in his spine. If yours is the God who saves the virtuous, He is also the one who smites the innocent, to endless choruses of "God works in mysterious ways."

    If I were to ask God, how would I hear His reply? He apparently communicates to his followers through leaking statues and grilled cheese sandwiches embossed with images of the Blessed Mother. It is said that God's ways are not our ways. I think Twitter would be a more effective way to respond to prayer than Our Lady of Akita.

  4. As I said, I don't know God's particular plan for this little guy's life. I defer to his parents' take on the situation. Yes we are saved, but we won't realize the fullness of that salvation completely in this life. And no, He does not smite the innocent.

    But speaking of smiting the innocent, that's why so many pro-life people are in front of abortuaries - to do our best to prevent innocent babies from being so attacked by abortionists who are willing to kill for a few dollars.

  5. According to Judeo-Christian scriptures, illness isn't part of God's "plan" - it's a remote consequence of Man's misuse of his freedom.

    However, far from abandoning Man to his well-deserved "fate," the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob not only understands our sufferings but has shared them - and continues to share them - in unimaginable ways.

    All this while continuing to respect our freedom. He forces no one to love Him...He forces no one to seek Him. But, those who DO discover that His compassion is bottomless and that He will intervene in countless lovely ways to ease our burdens and the burdens we (and our ancestors) have inflicted on one another.

    Like a lover who might surreptitiously place a wildflower on the beloved's breakfast plate, He sometimes even leaves small tokens of His presence in the toasted gold of a grilled cheese sandwich ...or is it the gilded imagination of a responsive heart - and does the difference really matter? In either case, the sandwich is a tremendous blessing that some people see and some people don't.

  6. Thomas, this little guy may grow up to find a cure for spina bifida. Who knows? Check this one out -

    Giving up her daughter for adoption led to grandson astronaut Mark Lee, a veteran of four space flights who has circled the world 517 times.

    People ask why there isn't a cure for this or for that - well, with over 50 million abortions in the U.S. alone since Roe v. Wade, who knows what cures may have been found if those children had been allowed to live.

    Why do bad things happen to good people? Because sin entered the world. God does not "make" things happen - He merely knows the choices people will make and what the results will be. We have been given free will - God will not interfere with that. When people say things like "God made this happen" or "it's God's plan," they are simply interpreting the "spiritual" in the only way they know how - in human terms.


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