Thursday, January 26, 2012

More On Obama's Disregard Of Consciences Of Citizens

The total disregard for the citizens of good people by the imperious regime of the Messiah Most Miserable has caused even some otherwise-liberal establishments to scratch their heads.  The Washington Post, in a recent editorial, made their concerns and displeasure known.  I congratulate them and encourage them to continue their scrutiny of the one whom hitherto they placed on a pedestal.

On the other hand, Terry O'Neill, NOW president, scoffs at the idea of Catholic institutions having a conscience.  As you examine her screed carefully, she seems to think that just because the Church refuses to kiss up to the feminist agenda (is she still smarting from the recent Supreme Court ruling?), they don't have conscience.  This coming from an organization that has adopted as a main raison-d'etre the facilitation of brutal murders of babies!  If any organization is unacquainted with a corporate conscience, that would be NOW.

Not to worry, though!  We decent people consider the scorn of progressive organizations like NOW to be badges of honor.  That is why I for one feel badly for the orthodox Jews, evangelicals and others who likewise decry the violations of their consciences visited upon us by the Messiah Most Miserable and Kathleen Sebelius, a chief Minion Most Mindless.  Ms. O'Neill really should examine her ways and engage in "equal opportunity" sneering.  Why let us Catholics have all the fun?


  1. If ever a Catholic deserved to be excommunicated by the Bell, by the Book
    and by the Candle in her parish church she should. Of course that is probably longer done by the politically correct portion of the Hierarchy.
    Pity that. Think of how many of the NOW lassies would lionize her.
    She'd wear it like a badge of honor but the Laity might begin to believe
    that the Cardinal Princes of the Church were beginning to at least appear to be doing the job they were elevated to.

  2. I think you touched on an important point. Our clergy seem way too afraid of what the media and/or the public will think if they actually obey their mandates. We'd be much better off if they fulfilled their sacerdotal duties and proclaimed the truth as they were ordained to. God will honor their obedience.


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