Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Lie Of "Pro-Choice" - Coerced Abortions

The dishonesty and lack of integrity of the pro-abortion crowd is made strikingly plain in this incident.  In Corpus Christi, Texas, a 14-year-old girl who is pregnant is struggling to prevent the abortion that her family wants to foist upon her.  Only the Texas Center for Defense of Life has come to her assistance.  So far they have managed to stave off the abortion monster.

So where is the "pro-choice" crowd now?  Where are those femiists who should be shouting on her behalf, "her body, her choice"?  I haven't heard of any such doings, either!  Doesn't the "right to choose" also mean the right to choose not to have an abortion?  If not, there isn't much choice, is there?

This isn't the first such incident to make news.  There are many more.  I see quite a few of them, I believe, in front of the abortion mill on Saturday mornings.  More than once I've seen adamant parents drag their daughters into the mill - or it might be a boyfriend who just wants to get rid of "the problem", despite the tears falling from the young woman's face.  A few women have courageously stood up to the bullies and have paid the ultimate price for so doing.  So where, oh where, are all the so-called champions of women to speak up for them?

By and large, those so-called "advocates" are shown to be the phonies that they are.  The pro-life folks on the sidewalks are often the only voices that these women have (along with other good people in the pregnancy centers and the pro-life law firms such as TCDF mentioned above).

By the way - if you or anyone you know is being coerced into abortion, watch below (click here if you cannot see embedded video)

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