Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pro-Abortion Violence Rears Its Ugly Head

No, I'm not talking about some boyfriend slugging his girlfriend for not murdering their child (although that happens with frightening frequency).  I'm talking of the rogue judge in Massachusetts who ruled that a woman who is mentally ill (pseudonum "Mary Moe") could and should be forced to abort her baby.  So much for "a woman's right to choose"!  Moe is 32 years old and has had an abortion that she deeply regrets and may well be the cause of her mental/emotional problems.

A court-appointed specialist actually agreed that the abortion would not be in Moe's best interest.  But that didn't stop Judge Christina Harms from ruling that Moe could be "coaxed, bribed or even enticed by ruse" until she was sedated for the procedure.  She also said that Moe's opposition to the abortion stemmed from her "substantial delusional beliefs".  Those beliefs, ladies and gentlemen, are simply her Catholic awareness of the evil nature of abortion.  Harms was clearly showing her murderous bigotry against Catholicism and life (I know this is just a fluke - but did anyone notice the judge's name is "Harms"?)  Harms also argued for the forced sterilzation of Moe.  Does this sound like something out of one of those old movies about Nazi Germany?  Well, it's rearing its ugly head here!

Fortunately, an appellate court threw out the ruling.  Judge Andrew Grainger correctly noted that Harms disregarded a 1982 state Supreme Court ruling allowing the right to procreate (even that is dangerous, as the state does not allow any right like that.  Only God does - the state can't take it away.  But I digress.)

The liberal/progessive cartel is anything but "pro-choice".  In this instance, we saw them drop their "choice" facade for a few moments and saw the murderous progressive mindset for what it really is.  Ladies and gentlemen, wake up!

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