Friday, January 13, 2012

The Malice Beneath The Gobblygoop

Yesterday I wrote about the mush emanating from the Director of Peace and Justice Commission of the Diocese of Salt Lake City.  It turns out that the "mush" has some sinister underpinnings.

The director's name is Jean Hill.  From Lifesite News we read that in 2008 she ran on the Democratic ticket for Utah Attorney General and for the State House in 1996.  In her campaigns, she called for contraceptive sex education and against bans on abortion and gay marriage.  It's no surprise that she was backed by Planned Parenthood and Equality Utah.

The Lifesite News piece gives contact information for the Salt Lake City bishop.  With anti-life stances such as the ones she espouses, Hill doesn't know the first principles of true peace and justice - which are adherence to the Magisterium in opposing the intrinsic evils of abortion and homosexuality.  For her own sake and the sake of those whom she may lead astray, she needs to be removed from that position immediately.  Indeed, she herself may be in need of the medicinal application of Canon 915.

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