Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Blasphemy At The Super Bowl

To all who are all atwitter about the truth of abortion being shown during the Super Bowl by Randall Terry, are you at least equally outraged about the planned "entertainment" during the half-time show?  It was announced today that the NFL has retained Madonna for the half-time show.  Born a Catholic, she quite often uses her performances to blaspheme the faith of her birth with numbers such as "Like A Virgin" and "Immaculate Collection".  I've no doubt that she'll attempt to outdo Janet Jackson's "clothing malfunction" during the latter's Super Bowl debacle.

I suspect many who are whining and snivveling about Terry's ads being "too graphic" are really quite indifferent to the debauchery that regularly oozes from that very troubled woman - that is, if they don't positively welcome it.  Yet it's people such as Madonna and the attitudes they espouse towards sexuality that contribute to the culture of death, resulting in the brutal murders of over 3000 babies every day.

Here's another tidbit to consider.  Some of the baby-killer ply their evil deeds on Sunday.  That means that while some folks are in "veg-out" mode in front of their idiot-boxes, babies are being slaughtered.  Will anyone give a damn?  Mr Terry will attempt to rouse folks from their stupors - while Madonna and her ilk will only attempt to deaden brains and consciences further.

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