Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Classic Case Of Shooting The Messenger

From Church Militant we read of their attempts to address an article found at Catholic News Agency (controlled by EWTN) that quite frankly is a major kiss-up to Tim Kaine, the Democrat nominee for Vice President.  Kaine, of course, is rabidly pro-abortion.  CM addressed inquiries to Archbishop Chaput; for their efforts they were rather rudely rebuffed by Chaput.  Two comments to the CM post voiced wonderment as to the attitude of Chaput; they believe he has been more attune to faithful Catholics in the past but not now. I cannot say for certain, but I suspect that Chaput knows what side of the bread has been buttered, given what the climate is like in the Vatican.

EWTN controls Catholic News Agency.  Mother Angelica must be spinning in her grave to see a branch of EWTN shilling for a "katholyc in name only" pro-abortion politician.  Chaput's obvious resentment of the truth being brought to light only adds to the shame of a once-reputable organization.

Below I'll now post a video of a keynote address given by faux-katholic Kaine to a dinner hosted by the Human Rights Campaign.  The HRC is a leading promoter of the gay agenda.  Archbishop Chaput and other leaders of EWTN, watch closely.  Take note especially of the times between the 12-minute and 18-minute marks, as Kaine openly trashes the Catholic faith.  For that you sell your individual and corporate souls??


  1. Tim Kaine is not a Catholic, and neither is Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, nor a ton of so called 'Catholics' that profess to be so, while publicly denying the truth of Christ in His Church. None of them are Catholic. They shill for the Catholic vote by professing their Catholic faith and then standing directly AGAINST IT. Goes to show you how many so called Catholics buy into their false proclamations that are really not Catholic either. They're trying to 'change' the very words of Jesus Christ to mean something just the opposite WITHIN His very Church. May God have mercy on them. Tim Kaine was taught by JESUITS. That tells me EVERYTHING.

    I was happy to watch the Vice Presidential debate the other night when clearly Mike Pence was the winner in every respect, who was more Catholic in his social values, even himself being a Protestant, than Tim Kaine could ever hope to be. Why Catholics could ever look at Tim Kaine and not recognize his obviously fake Catholicism I will never never understand. He is a fake and a charlatan in every single respect, but of course, he's a DEMOCRAT, so there you go!

    EWTN is reflecting the same confusion that exists in the Church as a whole, as some are of the 'Tim Kaine' variety, and others are traditional. They are as much of a 'mixed bag' as the Universal Church is. And yes, poor Mother Angelica is spinning in her grave. Pray that she intercedes for the true Church that she loved so very much, and for the network that she worked so hard to create for Christ.

    1. I agree. It was a little ironic watching a “catholic?” defend abortion and a protestant defending the unborn babies with Bible and Mother Teresa quotes. The times they are changing “faster than a speeding bullet” (superman).

  2. As a convert from Protestantism with a Theology degree from a "conservative" Protestant seminary, I don't see much difference between typical millrun "Catholics" and liberal Lutherans and liberal Episcopalians. Same values, same doctrines, same beliefs, same politics. I don't see a lick of difference between them. And really, in practice, I don't see any difference between the liberal leaders of those Protestant denominations and most Catholic Bishops I read about, either. Except the liberal Protestants are honest and just say what they mean while Catholic Bishops tend to be cowardly and effeminate in their duplicity, upholding "orthodoxy" with platitudes and words and then "pastorally" going the other way.

    They are switch hitters. I think so many are so polluted by sodomy personally or in the knowing of other Bishops who are their friends they really have no clue what is right, what is wrong, what is supposed to go here and what isn't supposed to go there. I think the parallels between sodomite immorality and Catholic Bishop ambiguity and theological chaos are plain as day.

    Protestant liberal leaders spit square in Christ's face. They simply reject the teaching of the Bible and of His Church. Plain and simple. Catholic Bishops wait till Christ turn His head before they stab him in the neck.

    Whatever. It is our job to study the Bible, the perennial Magesterium of the Church and to take that Truth everywhere and to everyone we meet. And if we are standing in front of some cowardly sellout, no matter what the color is his hat or robe who wants the Christian faith both ways...make sure he clearly understands it doesn't work that way. At least, not to God.

    CCC 1697

    CCC 675.

    2 Thessalonians 2:1-12


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