Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Vatican Is Getting Groovy, Man!

One would have thought the 1960s had past, with its main proponents now ensconced in academia and high political office.  However, the Vatican appears not to have gotten the memo.

From Tradition In Action, we read that L'Osservatore Romano reviewed a documentary done by Ron Howard called "Eight Days A Week - The Touring Years".  Obviously it focuses on the Beatles.  TIA exposes the inanity of this review, chastising the Vatican for glossing over the cultural rot that is directly attributable to the Beatles and many groups that came after them.  Indeed, the Vatican appears to heap gushing praises on the Beatles, nothwithstanding John Lennon's infamous quip that the Beatles "were more popular than Jesus".  Some even more fundamental questions are these: "what on earth is the Vatican thinking when it even writes such an article?  What does this have to do with the Roman Catholic Church?  Aren't there other topics on which to write that are actually relevant to the Church?  I blogged several months ago about Cardinal Ravasi waxing lyrical about the late David Bowie.  What?  Is the Vatican now trying to prove to pop-culture aficionados that it too is "relevant"?   Whatever happened to focus on Jesus Christ and being the Church that He intended?  How about focus on Tradition as opposed to the fleeting fads of today?  No wonder Mass attendance is shrinking.

Instead of the Church getting "with the times" it needs to realize its timeless nature.

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