Thursday, October 13, 2016

#NeverTrumpers Are Paving The Way For Hillary's Catholic Spring

Even now, in the wake of the WikiLeaks revelations in which we see Hillary et al promising to wreak persecution on Holy Mother Church, #nevertrump Catholics insist on cultural and political suicide by sanctimony. Unfortunately they themselves won't be the only victims but the whole of western civilization.  I wonder how many of these people have children?  Do they consider the future that they are foisting upon their children just so that they can mollify their "consciences"?

Two months ago I posted on why it is likely immoral for a faithful Christian to deny Trump their vote at this time.  In that post I quoted from another author who rightfully excoriates those Christians who are in fact turning malformed consciences into de facto idols.  That is exactly what is occurring when the stance of some is "I vote to satisfy my conscience".  Actually we're supposed to vote to satisfy God; that's the goal of anything we do.  Our consciences are faculties that serve to guide us how to do that.  However, in order for them to work properly, they must be formed and informed by Catholic teaching.  They must also be guided by logic and reason, not by overly delicate sensibilities and gut reactions.

I wrote that post before the revelations of these past few days.  Even when more of Hillary's evil has been laid bare for all to see, some of the #nevertrump people remain stubborn in their determination to deny their votes for Trump.  I was astounded to see the usually-sensible Bishop Paprocki utter such nonsense.  Then there's an article in the Catholic News Agency suggesting yet another "third party" candidate to dilute our votes so that Hillary can strut into the White House.  I find it odd that these posts both appear on sites that are controlled by EWTN.

A friend of mine said it quite well earlier; I can't remember the exact phrasing here but I'll paraphrase: "if anyone assists the b**ch of bengazi by voting for her, by staying home or voting third party, they will have blood on their hands."  Indeed, that will be true by dint of their sinful refusal to acknowledge the facts set before all of us.  Let us pray, for the #nevertrump folks have less than one month to wake up and wise up.


  1. Ask the #nevertrump people, "If Trump were running against Hitler would you still not vote for him?" Maybe after contemplating that, one can hold their nose and vote for the candidate that offers at least a glimmer of hope for the pro-life cause.

  2. I am praying constantly for our country. As a good friend said last night, "Given a choice between grossly inappropriate and heinous - I'll take the former ."

  3. If Hillary R. Clinton wins the Presidency, I will personally hold the entire Republican Party responsible, along with all the so called #NeverTrump Catholics who so blindly and brainlessly hand her the Presidency. There will be blood on their hands,.......literally. This IS NOT A VOTE FOR TRUMP THE MAN, THIS IS A VOTE FOR THE FREEDOM TO LIVE OUR CATHOLIC FAITH. A Clinton Presidency would absolutely without a doubt destroy our freedom to live our faith.

  4. With al the turmoil in the leadup to Nov 8 (ie the road towards His destiny can be fraught with obstacles, it's the way God does things) I'm pretty sure Trump will get in.


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