Saturday, October 1, 2016

Voter Fraud?

Yes, it's happening already.  The most current case involves a James Madison University student who confessed to registering 19 deceased individuals to vote.  Oh, by the way, he's a Democrat.  The following video was created by Ray Stephens to illustrate the point with a little humor - and we all know the most effective humor is laced with copious amounts of truth.  No wonder the Democrats oppose voter id laws!


  1. Ray Stevens, well done!
    There should be Voter Fraud Teams, trained and dispatched to every polling place. I would have thought this would be in place, since we know voter fraud has happened, and is going to happen. Enough of it, and she wins. Why are there not Voter Fraud Teams, to monitor and guard against fraud?

  2. When people wonder how our President could ever have been re-elected in 2012, the answers are clear:
    (1) Voter fraud
    (2) Benghazi coverup and lies, lies, lies
    (3) IRS targeting tea party/republican non-profits

    1. There's another cause - misguided people not casting votes for the GOP candidate because they refuse to vote for "lesser of two evils". I've spent much time over these past few weeks explaining why such thinking runs counter to authentic Catholic moral theology. It may happen this time, too. God help us if it does and God have mercy on those stubborn individuals who are confusing their emotions with their consciences.


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