Friday, October 21, 2016

Update From The Vatican Website

I'm happy to report that just two days after One Peter Five, this blog and possibly others reported on the rather suspicious disappearance of the writings of Pope Pius XI, this page has been restored.

Now would the webmasters be so kind as to restore the English translation of Saint John Paul II's address to the Tribunal of the Roman Rota?  It occurred Feb 5, 1987.  According to Bai McFarlane who runs the site, this translation existed until this past December; now only the Italian remains.  The English translation does exist at the John Paul II Foundation.

Ms. McFarlane wrote an article yesterday that appears on Spero Forum.  She puts forth some theories as to why the English may have been removed.  Her theories are quite plausible in light of previous monkeyshines pulled by the Vatican regarding different language versions.

Again, Vatican webmasters, please put that translation back - and any other documents that might have "mysteriously disappeared".  Thank you.

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