Monday, October 31, 2016

Maryland Elections

I've already stated the reasons why I'm supporting Trump for President many times on this blog.  At this time I'd like to focus the Senate and Congress races.

One of the reasons why I'm supporting Trump has to do with Supreme Court nominees (as well as those of lower courts).  Per the US Constitution, the President nominates candidates to fill judicial seats.  These nominations are subject to the approval of the United States Senate.  Obviously the composition of the Senate is crucial.  In Maryland, Barbara Mikulski, "katholyc" in name only, has supported baby-killing, sodomy and all other manners of quasi-socialistic bills during her all-too-long career in the Senate.  She is retiring and we have an opportunity to fill her seat with a decent candidate.  We have that in Republican Kathy Szeliga.  Please support her whole-heartedly.

For the eight seats that Maryland has in the US Congress, please vote the GOP ticket in your district.  Some folks have consternation regarding Amie Hoeber, GOP candidate for the 6th Congressional district (happens to be mine).  It appears that she is pro-abortion and supports funding for Planned Parenthood.  However, in her favor, she opposes assisted suicide and Obamacare.  She also opposes the de facto persecution of Christians that is currently gathering steam.  As a Republican, she generally opposes governmental intrusion into our lives; Common Core is one such intrusion that she opposes.  Her opponent, incumbent John Delaney, another "katholyc" in name only, is the typical Democrat who not only supports any and all abortions, but every other attack on life and morality.  Again, we can vote for a flawed candidate to oppose his/her even more flawed opponent.

There are some local ballot questions about which I'll comment later.

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  1. In the 8th Congressional District, Dan Cox is running against Jamie Raskin. Dan Cox is a Catholic that is endorsed by Maryland Right to Life He appears to be a real Catholic. He and his wife have 8 children. He attended Mt. St. Mary's college - hails from Takoma Park and Frederick, MD. Jamie Raskin is the exact opposite, fighting for Medicaid funded abortions and the like.


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