Sunday, October 16, 2016

In Mourning 100 Years Of Planned Parenthood, There Is Some Light And Action For You To Take

Today marks 100 years of the existence of Planned Parenthood: an organization that has murdered 7.3 million babies to date.  More murders are added daily to that number.  Started in the early 20th century by eugenicist Margaret Sanger, this organization has wreaked much cultural destruction in civilization.  For important background, I'd advise watching the clip "Maafa 21".

Yesterday many prolife people gathered at their local Planned Parenthood death mills to pray in reparation and mourn the death and destruction caused by Planned Parenthood.  At the Planned Parenthood of Metro DC facility in Silver Spring, we did just that.  Our event featured Eric Scheidler, Executive Director of Pro-Life Action League and Father Greg Markey.  The video of this event appears below.

After these two men, you'll hear from Lauren Handy, who announced yesterday that Planned Parenthood lost their lease at 1400 Spring Street.  They now rent on a "month-to-month" basis.  She distributed the flyer to the right that suggests actions to be taken in order to have Planned Parenthood finally evicted from this building.  I will suggest additional actions to be taken.

A search of the Maryland real estate database reveals that the owner of record is "1400 Spring Street LLC" and that the mailing address is the same as listed in the above flyer.  Now we look at Maryland's business entity database and see that the principal office of the LLC is 5 Sunset Cay Road, Key Largo, FL.  The LLC was formed in Florida.  Denise Peel, cited in the flyer, is the Maryland registered agent.  If we search Peel Properties, we see that their principal address is the Key Largo address.  So who/what is to be found at Sunset Cay Road?  A spokeo search reveals a rather posh neighborhood, with two people with the last name "Peel" living at that address.  In googling the word "Peel" along with the FL address, we determine that William and Barbara Peel live at that address.  They are also the principals and managing members of Peel Properties LLC.  To sum all this up, in addition to the contacts on the flyer, we should also address William and Barbara Peel at the Key Largo address and ask them to accelerate Planned Parenthood's departure from the Spring Street building.

As was said toward the end of the video below, we need as many people acting on this as possible.  Those of you in the MD/DC area, we need you on the sidewalk in front of this mill.  If you're not local, then please get out in front of your local death camp to pray and offer help.

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  1. Is their any written confirmation of the lease issue? I now understand that they are not yet getting kicked out, it's just that they're on a month by month basis. Yesterday I had gotten the mistaken impression that it had been announced that they were getting kicked out.


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