Thursday, October 20, 2016

Will #Nevertrumpers Finally Listen To Reason?

Some good Christians have the erroneous idea that if one votes for a given candidate, then they support and approve of everything about that candidate.  That is so overly simplistic as to be intellectually and morally dishonest.  I've even heard it said that some won't vote for Trump because he doesn't meet their "standards".  So does that mean our personal "standards" should be held above the good of millions of people?  What kind of "standards" allow for that?  Upon what are these "standards" based?

I post now two articles, excellent in their moral treatment of this question: the first is from Town Hall, and the second addresses Catholic questions.  Below now is a Stoplight video on the matter.  Please get out and vote for Trump.

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  1. As I said in another one of your's really a matter of obedience, humility, and trust. I mean really......who 'likes' Trump? It's a matter of right vs. wrong. That simple. Unpleasant, yep, probably......but necessary. PLAIN AND SIMPLE. The Lord God is asking us to do something that yes, goes against our comfort level, but necessary for the salvation of the country. How many times have we been presented with a choice that made us cringe, but we knew was the only 'right choice'? THIS IS ONE OF THOSE TIMES. It's a 'test' for American Catholics. I am wholeheartedly voting for Trump/Pence even though personally, I don't like him very much. To do otherwise is a vote for sheer EVIL, it's that simple.


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