Monday, August 7, 2017

A Homophile Meme Backfires

The poor dears!  Sometimes the progressives can't keep the truth out of their propaganda, best efforts notwithstanding.  The Royal Dutch Airlines tried, but despite themselves actually made the truth known.  Behold this tweet of theirs:

Anyone with one scintilla of common sense knows that only one of the combinations will lead to the proper function of seat belts.  That is, of course, the one where the two opposite but complementary  ends meet and then fasten together.  The other two just won't work.  This is an excellent analogy to marriage and sexual relations; only the combination of one biological man and one biological woman will form the union designed by nature and nature's God.  To attempt either of the other two will be to engage in an act of inherent futility at best and at worst lead to the damnation of the eternal souls of both parties.

If that is really how the Royal Dutch Airlines thinks that seat belts work, I'd suggest not flying with them.


  1. The picture is wrong. The first two choices, neither of which would work, are properly colored in the rainbow.

    However, the last choice, which is the only one that would function properly, should not be rainbow colored.

    Only the first two fall under the rainbow motif, and they are both dysfunctional.


  2. LOL.....You've gotta just LOVE this one!! Hoping this goes viral far and wide.

  3. Back to the drawing board oh Homo-Capitalists!


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