Thursday, August 24, 2017

Action Alert - Especially For My Readers In Ireland (But Others Join In)

Via Facebook I became aware of this travesty. It occurred at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Menlough, County Galway, Ireland.  The occasion was the August 12th wedding of Rois Lydon and Paudie Mannion.  As you can see, the priest, Father John O'Gorman, takes it upon himself to trash the rubrics of Holy Mass to turn the church into a dance hall, cajoling the wedding party to join him in the sacrilege.

The congregation has the right to a reverential Mass true to the rubrics set forth by the Church.  It is through these rubrics that the congregation appreciates and understands the purpose of the Mass as an unbloody sacrifice of Our Lord.  We are in need of that participation for our very salvation - hence the need for the Third Commandment.  No other consideration - good though that consideration is in and of itself - can overrule the order of Holy Mass.

In another blog, there was some discussion about whether or not it does any good to spread this kind of "bad news".  Well, for it's own sake, or just because we want to gripe, I'd say "no".  But that's not why this blog exists.  One key thing we must recall is that each and everyone of us is part and parcel of the Church Militant.  We, each and everyone of us, has a duty to act in the face of these evils - no exceptions.  This scenario is no different.  Those of you in the British Isles are better able to place phone calls to protest this particular outrage.  However, those of us in different parts of the world can certainly send emails of protest to the Archdiocese of Tuam, in which this parish is situated.  I just sent one to both the chancellor and vicar general of that diocese.  Let's all raise our voices.


  1. What do you expect from a Modernist church!

  2. Novus Ordo----anything can happen and likely not valid anyway. No less scandalous than Bergoglio's Tango Mass.

    Seattle kim

  3. to jmbutk: "What do you expect from a Modernist church?"


  4. According to the poster, Menlough, Co. Galway is in "the British Isles?"
    Is it malice aforethought or mere ignorance?

    1. The two islands have always been known collectively as the British Isles. Make of it what you will but no additional comments engaging in such silliness will be published.


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