Sunday, August 20, 2017

Tsk! Tsk! George Soros Is Behind On His Payments! For Shame!

And Anitfa is none too happy!  When one employs barbarians, one must make sure there is no discord in the ranks lest they do to you what you directed that they do to others!  By the way - The twitter account to which the video was posted is a satire account.  That doesn't indicate whether or not the video account itself is authentic.  Still, it's good for a laugh.

What isn't satire is that Soros funds not only this bunch of neanderthals, but close to two hundred other progressive cabals.  Here's the list.  Please note that the Campaign for Human Development partners with many of these.  Here's a "rule of thumb" that I follow; I donate to nothing that has any affiliation whatsoever with any of these sordid outfits.


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