Tuesday, August 15, 2017

What Really Happened In Charlottesville?

Like all decent people of all stripes, I am appalled at the wanton vehicular murder of the young woman in Charlottesville VA this past Saturday, August 12, 2017.  Let us pray for the repose of her soul, as well as consolation for her grieving family.  We also pray for the conversions of all perpetrators in the strife this past Saturday that led to the murder of this woman, as well as to injuries to others and the helicopter deaths of the two troopers.

Antifa poster found in Portland OR
I regret though, that the truth behind what happened is deliberately being obfuscated by progressives, not only in the media but in high places in both the governments of Charlottesville and the State of Virginia.  Two opposing factions share blame, in truth.  On the one hand, there was the so-called "alt-right", composed mainly of neo-nazis, white supremists and ku klux klan.  On the other hand there were the "black lives matter" crowd along with antifa.  Joining both groups were individuals of various political convictions.

To listen to the progressive shills, one would think that the "alt-right" was responsible for all the hatred while the blm/antifa people were pure as the driven snow.  Some, including the mayor of Charlottesville, went so far as to blame the president, while others blamed the NRA and gun rights advocates (despite the fact that not one shot was fired during the melee).  Regrettably some in Catholic circles are swallowing that kool-aid - or simply parroting the required "talking points".

To refresh your memories about the violence perpetrated by antifa and "black lives matter", I'll post links to some videos: here, here, here

A facebook post that I read sums up the sequence of events.  I'll paste it below and beneath that post some corroborating links.

So here's what happened in VA. People protesting removing of monuments got a permit to protest at 12:00. Early that morning Antifa was being flown and bused in from around the country. At 8:45 The govenor sends State police in to cancel a protest that hadn't started. They forced the protesters out in the streets to a waiting mob of Antifa and BLM. The police were given orders to stand down and let the protesters be attacked. This was a set up by the governor to take away protesters first amendment rights. It doesn't matter what the protesters had to say. They had a right to say it. Please share!

The alt-right rally was planned in advance; this is corroborated by WTOP..  They were protesting the planned removal of a statue of Robert E Lee from city grounds in Charlottesville.  They had a permit that was rescinded at the very last minute, quite possibly so that Democrat officials could appease their progressive bosses.  They were forced to the area where antifa and blm counter-protesters were and were attacked.  The police had been ordered to stand down, despite having cordoned the opposing parties in the same area. Whoever gave the order(s) for police stand-down was complicit in the violence that occurred, quite possibly deliberately so.

The left-wing media pins sole responsibility for the violence on the alt-right, while it appears that there is plenty of blame to go around.  The ACLU of Virginia acknowledged that in one of their tweets.  Right now I'll link to some background information on Black Lives Matter and Antifa; that is necessary for understanding their mindsets and their methodologies.  After the car murder, a reporter incurred the arbitrary wrath of one such leftist; fortunately he has been arrested.

The left-wing is proceeding with all due haste to rewrite history.  In Durham North Carolina, protesters pulled down a statue of a Confederate leader.  They are desecrating graves of Confederate leaders.  They are issuing calls for more violence.

Today the president criticized the violence from both factions.  At a press conference, he rhetorically asked reporters if George Washington and Thomas Jefferson should have their statues removed since they were both slave owners, correctly pointing out the left's attempt to rewrite history and culture itself.  Michael Farris of Alliance Defending Freedom addressed the situation, particularly the attempt to squelch what some might call "hurtful speech".

I am now linking to a facebook video presented by Avialae Horton, who attended the rally and who experienced things that aren't reported in the media.  It, and the pictures in the comments section, are worth watching.  I might differ on a few points. She alludes that a goal of the left is "white genocide"; rather, I suspect their goal is the destruction of Western civilization.  She also believes that the federal government was in on the collusion.  Had Hillary won the White House, that would have been the case.  Clearly though, both the Charlottesville and Virginia officials were colluding with the leftists.  She mentioned an alt-right leader being mobbed at a press conference; here is that video.

Before this post gets too long, I'll close it with a video from Reality Check.  I haven't seen a whole lot on this matter from other Catholic bloggers (with the exception of Creative Minority Report), save a few things stating that "hatred is on both sides" and "prayer is needed".  While that is true, I think we have to grapple with the details of what really happened this weekend and not be reluctant to acknowledge the differing levels of responsibility.  Not all are equally guilty and we must acknowledge that.  We have to learn not only to pray but to speak and act in decisive manners.  Clearly the leftwing is on a rampage to destroy any vestiges of Christian bedrock from our civilization.  That will only lead to more loss of life, not to mention the eternal damnation of countless souls  Let's acknowledge that without fear of offending them.  We must pray, but we also must resist with the authority that is ours, lest we have to face Our Lord at the end of our lives and have to answer for cowardice.


  1. Excellent post. Catholics and men and women of good will need to be informed that this was an action by communists. Many times that word is bandied about without thought. However, from the news reports I have seen - even though the journalist never mentions them (naturally) - one can clearly see the red flag and the Hammer and Sickle. Here,in Toronto, a Communist group staged a protest, displaying a huge red flag with eh Hammer and Sickle.

    The incident on the weekend has served one good purpose: it has exposed the depth, the organisation of communism and its control and influence within international finance and capital, media and academia. One would think these deluded street urchins holding communist banners would begin to put two-and-two together, to realize that communism was always a movement of wealthy powerful people (using and abusing injustices and grievances) to establish an elite fascist dictatorship. We know from history, how, when attaining power, these people were dealt with as "hooligans".

    That the Bishops in the United States would condemn the rag-tag mob of thugs and red-necks who like to dress up in bed sheets, but refuse to denounce the highly organized violence and terrorism of Communists is gravely disturbing. Though Trump spoke very well yesterday, it is unfortunate that he did not use the word "communist" and "communism". Antifa and their allies is a communist insurrection. If Poland was able to shut down all para-military and terrorist groups following her re-establishment as a Nation in the early 1920s, surely the US is capable of doing the same. If not, watch for growing violence leading towards a very bad end. Right now, I would call the US, "Weimar America".

  2. I found this article insightful https://bad-catholic.com/2017/08/15/resist-yourself/.

    It really shouldn't be shameful to say Nazis and Marxists both spew hateful and deadly ideologies. Nor, should we surprised that as identity politics has become more mainstream in liberal quarters, that would be reaction to it on the far right.

    I suppose I'm also tired of such sudden outrage as we recently witnessed the shooting of a Congressman in a public park for being a member of the party. Meanwhile in Europe they continue to carry out the Nazi practice of Eugenics, as the sick are disposed of and unborn children with Down Syndrome are slaughtered. While those on the left aghast at the racism of these neo-nazis, they blindly support Planned Parenthood.

    Lastly the mainstream is cleverly is setting up a false dichotomy of either being sided with their far left views or the views of the alt-right.

    Sadly few want an actual conversation of what happened, they rather just want to make sure they are seen to be in the "right" side.

  3. There are many leftist zombie drones, many who are simply being paid, to foment violence and social upheaval. Cooler heads are not working hard enough to straighten this out, and the lie that the "alt-left" started this and were the wrong doers is just the typical tool of the left to simply fabricate and demand you accept their fabrication. If you don't, you are a hater, a bigot, and dangerous. If our police are told to stand down when violence is occurring, then we have no civil order, and anarchy is already happening. But the Governor, who is responsible for the situation unfolding as it did, and in fact the death of that young woman, will not be held responsible most likely, because well connected Democrats are not held responsible for their words or actions, only Republicans are.

  4. And how long before the outraged begin attacking Catholic Churches, 'symbols', etc. justifying it by citing age-old oppressions:

    1 Peter 2:18 "Servants, be subject to your masters with all fear, not only to the good and gentle, but also to the froward. "

    Ephesians 6:5 "Servants, be obedient to them that are your lords according to the flesh, with fear and trembling, in the simplicity of your heart, as to Christ:"

    Romans: 1:27 " And, in like manner, the men also, leaving the natural use of the women, have burned in their lusts one towards another, men with men working that which is filthy, and receiving in themselves the recompense which was due to their error. "

    Mark 10:6 "But from the beginning of the creation, God made them male and female."

  5. This is a really great summary of the situation...I found it very credible and helpful...


  6. Bergoglio's heretical past is Francis' present ~A Coffee with Galat.


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