Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Sacrilege In Ottawa

Archbishop Terrance Prendergast of the Archdiocese of Ottawa recently decided that the archdiocesan cathedral would participate in celebrations pertaining to Canada's 150th anniversary.  Such participation included allowing a giant mechanical spider to be perched on the cathedral.  Normal, sane people saw that as sacrilege.  The poor dear archbishop was just baffled that there were Catholics who take seriously the holiness of a Church in which the Blessed Sacrament is sheltered.

From Crud we read,  The archbishop of Ottawa expressed regret that several Catholics were shocked at the sight of a giant robotic spider perched on Notre Dame Cathedral.  Archbishop Terrence Prendergast said he was surprised by the negative reaction to an artistic initiative after critics called the spider’s placement “sacrilegious,” “demonic,” and “disrespectful” of a sacred space.

He is utterly clueless regarding his responsibilities as a successor to the Apostles.  What?  Did he think that faithful Catholics would sit in silence as a cathedral was prostituted for such a garish display.

Yesterday I wrote about a debacle in Steubenville in which priests performed garish dances to the hoots and applause of impressionable kids.   On facebook I read of a religious sister who allowed herself to be dunked to raise money.  All these instances are indicative of a mentality in which religious seem to hold their offices in little esteem, regarding their dignity with jocularity and even ridicule.  They think they are attracting attention.  In reality, they only make themselves gazingstocks.  Whatever their ends, those ends in no way justify the means.


  1. Pope Francis, cardinals and bishops and many, many priests need DEEP CONVERSION... Church is slowly dying, because they simply forgot about Jesus Christ. They think mostly about themselves, life and ... sorry to say, but fun of life.

  2. I think the spider is named Francis.


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