Sunday, August 27, 2017

California Catholic School Disgraces Itself - Action Needed

"For he that shall be ashamed of me, and of my words, in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of man also will be ashamed of him, when he shall come in the glory of his Father with the holy angels."  Mark 8:38, Douay-Rheims

The above passage came immediately to mind when I read the disgraceful news that San Domineco School in San Anselmo CA had removed almost all of its statues from view.  Why?  So that they could be "inclusive", of course!  Inclusive of what? They are a Catholic instution, charged with the mission of promulgating the Faith and teaching it to their students!  They seek to kow-tow towards the world, including all except faithful Catholics: you know, the ones who pay the tuitions.

Reading down this article, we see that this statue removal is merely their latest slap in the faces of Catholic parents.  Sacramental preparation has been removed from the curriculum.  The word "Catholic" was removed from the school's mission statement.

Let's look at some of the "movers and shakers" behind the obliteration of San Domenico's Catholic identity, shall we?  We start with Amy Skewes-Cox, head of the Board of Trustees.  A google of her name reveals that she is an "environmental and land use planner".  Well, that's nice but how does that qualify her to make pronouncements about Catholic identity? Moreover, how did that qualify her to take the helm of a Catholic school's board of trustees?  A search of the Federal Election Commission's database reveals that she contributed several hundred dollars to both Obama and Bernie Sanders and to an progressive political organization called America Coming Together.  This organization was heavily funded by George Soros and the SEIU.  This leads me to suspect that if anything, her opinion of Catholic identity may well be hostile.

Cecily Stock is the Head of the School.  Why do we see a 2015 facebook picture of her in the "celebrate pride" framework? (Don't bother pulling it down for I've already downloaded it!)  In the article, she states that San Domenico is both Catholic and independent.  She quite plainly states that they are suppressing Catholicism to emphasize their independence.  Independence from what? Catholic morality?  Given her obvious sympathies for gay perversion, a reasonable person could surmise so.

Let's look at the school's website.  At the home page, watch that initial slide show and you'll notice that there is not one hint of the school's Catholic background.  Click on the "Our Values" link.  They believe that their students are supposed to "discover our own beliefs and values" - no mention at all about learning the truths of the Catholic faith so as to aid them in saving their souls.  The "our community is comprised of families of many faiths" is a sanctimoneous ode to the heresy of indifferentism.  The "inclusivity and diversity" item on the left side bar leads to more of the same.

At the top stretches another sub-menu.  Select "student life" at the top, then "clubs and co-curricular" on the left side.  A glance at the club selection is most telling.  We see a "model united nations", "social justice", "yoga".  The first two are progressive pabulum; the "yoga" is nothing more than introduction to spiritual poison.  Now why don't we see a "pro-life" club? How about one focusing on Catholic devotions such as the Rosary?  Or were they uncerimoneously abolished?

We could go one and one, but you get the drift.  The article states that the school has heard from a number of good, concerned parents and has been dismissive of their concerns.  They might not be so nonchalant in the face of a massive outcry.  That is where we come in.  Here is the school's contact page.  In addition to the mailing address and phone numbers, we see the school's various social media sites.

In addition to contacting the school itself, I'd suggest contacting the Archdiocese of San Francisco.  Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone might be receptive to our concerns.  Please ask him to have the school embrace its Catholic heritage and if they refuse, to strip the school of its right to call itself "Catholic".


  1. The responsibility for this falls right on Archbishop Cordileone. There can no longer be any excuses toward a hierarchy that refuses to do the obvious necessity, strip them of the title "Catholic". Our church leaders do not do that. This is the problem and it's maddening. Islam adheres to it's identity. Catholicism has thrown it away with both hands.
    Which one is likely to emerge victorious in a culture war. We already know which one.

    1. For now I'm inclined to give this archbishop the benefit of doubt. It's quite possible that until this story broke, that he had no idea of what transpired there. Let's advise him and ask him to take corrective measures.

  2. Seems very similar to the Ontario English Catholic Teacher's Association (OECTA). This militant union marches in gay pride parades, openly promotes LGBT propaganda in schools, including displaying "gay" rainbow "flags". In fact, OECTA had two - yes TWO - gay flags at its AGM. Cardinal Collins, who has many enemies in the hierarchy (especially in Canada and the US) is unable to act because he has no support. His most recent efforts to force the Basilians out of St. Michael's College U of T, failed, when Rome backed up the dissenters.

  3. Yep, I agree to allow Archbishop Cordileone the benefit of the doubt........for now. He needs to be made aware of the situation and just maybe we will see some rectification going on. I know if MY children were in that school, they wouldn't be there for long, and I would be in his office explaining WHY I decided to pull them out. I would be making a pretty big ruckus over this whole travesty.

  4. There has been plenty of time to act. I'm all for giving the benefit of the doubt, but my word, our clergy move not at all or with the speed of glaciers. It should already be done.
    They don't act because they don't want to, they agree with it, don't care, or plain fear. Either way, the result is the same, Catholicism suffers, Catholics suffer, the world suffers.

  5. This is NOT an archdiocesan school. It is not and has always been completely independent of the diocese. Please check them out at It's a rather defunct group of Dominican sisters (not to be confused with the good ones at Marin Catholic). The most the AB could do would be to take away their Catholic identity which, it seems, they have already done themselves.

    1. Your last sentence is the whole point of contacting the archbishop. The school still seems to be exhibiting the "have our cake and eat it too" mentality. They should be publicly forced to stop calling themselves Catholic, in a formal manner.

      Meanwhile, let's also continue to call/email/fax that school. Don't let up. Don't slack off in so doing.

    2. Again, please look at the website. The "We are a Catholic school" has been scrubbed. The most they say is that we use a "Dominican educational philosophy." I've researched it and the order is directly under Rome (and if I can remember the term for it, I will post. It escapes me now.) and not the Archbishop's jurisdiction. He is not their superior AND they've already done what you want the AB to do.

      So, in short, they don't want cake anymore. Better to hit them on yelp than to bother the AB. Believe me, that would traumatize them far more. They've lost a few stars in the last few days. I've been watching them fall from yelp grace. That's no bueno for those who are business minded.

    3. Pontifical right! That's the term.

    4. Yelp is an excellent suggestion. Let's do that too.

    5. The only problem with that is they are many groups out of Communion with the Church, that continue to use the name Catholic. Whether they be far left like the Old Catholic Church, or sede communities like SSPV, the bishop can request all he wants, but it doesn't stop then from using the term Catholic (look at NCR).

      That's not to say the Archdiocese shouldn't be telling the faithful what groups are in full communion and which are not.

      All this goes to show is that as you cut yourself from various teachings of the Church, you eventually scrub yourself of everything.

      I known of a few parishes that seemingly only align themselves with the helping of the poor, and allegiance to the pope. When you look at their church there no sign of Mary, devotions, no mention of confession on their schedule, just a "Eucharistic" table. Which begs the question, are you Catholic or just a group calling yourself that, thinking you can fool God?

  6. The Dominicans of San Rafael's historical territory has been the part of San Francisco archdiocese past the Golden Gate Bridge, and the northern East Bay and southern Marin County.

    What I mean is, they're in the cusp of three dioceses - SF, Sacramento, and Santa Rosa.

    Geographically, Marin County, where the school is located belongs in SF, but the Dominicans' influential reach is not confined to SF archdiocese.

    I don't know for sure if Religious Orders have their own bishops or how much disciplinary power a diocese has over them.

    I've only lived in this area for 10 years, but can tell you, what the Dominican Sisters of San Rafael teach about religion is very troubling. They follow the Raymond Brown exegesis on the Gospel, for example, discounting the Infancy Narrative of St. Luke, saying it's all invented.

    They claim there is no One Truth, and there are other "truths" beyond Jesus. They propagate the use of labyrinths and enneagrams more than the devotion of praying the Rosary.

    They also have Sisters preaching the Homily at Mass.

    On the positive side, they have great charitable activities for the poor, such as St. Vincent de Paul society.

    Please pray to the beautiful and powerful Archangel Saint Rafael to guide Dominicans of San Rafael to the right paths. Pray that the good Archangel lead them to the Lord, just as he has led the young Tobit in his journey.

    God bless us all.

  7. P.S. to my comment. The school may not be under the Dominican Sisters of San Rafael now, but their heterodox influence is still very much alive.


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