Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Air Is Fresher In Germantown Now

..And in Hyattsville too, for that matter.  This week the Germantown Reproductive Health Services, along with its sister abortuary, Prince Georges Reproductive Health Services, ceased slaughtering babies as they have been bought and closed by the Maryland Coalition for Life.  Operation Rescue published a picture of a junk truck outside the Germantown mill.  I agree that it seems rather fitting.

For now, Leroy Carhart is not committing abortions, and the late-term ones are not happening in Maryland.  He and his fellow abortion ghouls are making noises about procuring another Maryland location.  Sadly we can understand why Maryland is a prime location, given the abortion-enabling politicians who slither through the halls of local governments here; Montgomery County is among the worst for that.

I salute my fellow activists who prayed, counseled and witnessed at that hell hole for many years.  Most of all we thank God for hearing our prayers. May God have mercy on us all and bring this nation to repentance for all the innocent blood it continues to wantonly shed.

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