Monday, August 28, 2017

Why We Blog - From The Remnant

Coming from the Remnant, this is good to know.  It helps reassure us that we aren't speaking into a vacuum.

"Apparently, traditional Catholic bloggers have gotten under Francis’ thin skin. The underlying cause of the Pope’s angst is that the conservative Catholic bloggers and websites are making their voice heard by daring to promote the Catholic faith and exposing the papal plots and diabolical alliances."

I commend the entire article to your reading.  If you feel called to join us with your own blog or other writing apostolate, please do so.  There never will be too many of us.  Thank you.

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  1. EXCELLENT article by Elizabeth Yore! Thanks for referring us to it! I read anything by her as she absolutely is not afraid to tell it like it is. I also hop over to the Remnant once in a while to see what's going on there, and I subscribe to their newspaper. (husband would rather read in actual print than online) But yes, indeed, the mask on the Bergoglian Papacy has COME OFF. If people by this time cannot smell the stench coming from Rome, they have lost their smell altogether, OR they agree with the apostasy and are just as anxious to remake the Church into something devoid of Christ. It's either one or the other. The rest of us can absolutely smell the strong putrid stench of sulfur unmistakably from thousands of miles away. A diabolical cabal has taken over in Rome, and we just cannot adhere to anything coming out of it. We are basically 'on our own' but for possibility and most likely PROBABILITY of St. Peter guiding us from Heaven. (according to prophecy) Jesus will never leave us as orphans, so there is really nothing to fear. As St. Athanasius said: "They may have the buildings, but WE have the true FAITH.".....come what may.


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