Thursday, August 31, 2017

Pope Francis Rejects Faithful Catholics, Honors Dissidents

LifeSiteNews advises us that Pope Francis appointed to the Pontifical Council for Life five individuals who are known dissenters from Humanae Vitae.  I have already pointed out on this blog how the pope essentially evicted all the members of that Council months ago, including pro-life stalwarts such as Josef Seifert.

Last April the dubia cardinals requested an audience with the pope so that they could discuss the concerns that they broached in their dubia regarding Amoralis Lamentia.  They have yet to receive a reply to that request, let alone the audience itself.  However, a relatively unknown individual named Stephen Walford and his entire family were granted such an audience.  While claiming to be a theologian of sorts, he appears to work full-time as a piano tuner.  However, he wrote an article that appeared in the Vatican Insider.  I wrote about this screed before but will now go into a few more details.  The contents of that article include:
  • claims that the writings of faithful Catholic bloggers (such as myself) are "nothing short of satanic"
  • chiding the dubia cardinals to "get with the times"
  • stating that "the old ways of converting no longer work"
  • accusing the dubia cardinals for being "role models for traditionalist blogs" - Walford probably doesn't understand that to be an actual compliment
  • this - "We cannot preach hell to people who consider an eternity of heaven to be dull and pointless".  If he continues with that prattling, he may not have to worry about a "dull and pointless" eternity.
As you can see, he was invited to the Vatican precisely because he wrote pabulum that is nothing more than a shill-fest for both Amoralis Lamentia and situation ethics.  

So here are two clear instances of faithful Catholics being rejected and rebuffed while dissidents and brown-nosers are honored.  These are just the latest.  We simply have to have our eyes wide open and understand the reality of the anti-Catholic climate in the Vatican at this time.

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