Sunday, October 10, 2010

Calling All Actors - To Be Obama Town Hall Audience!!

The foregoing title is not a joke!  It really is happening!  Look at this page from  It's the October 7th entry, advertising for a "special" MTV-broadcast affair on October 14th.  Since I'm not a subscriber, I cannot see the rest of the advertisement.  However, resistnet was able to get to it; read it.  Don't you just love the line where they want to "ensure that the audience represents diverse interests and political views" by asking those of the applicants?  C'mon now!  If they were truly interested in "diversity", they wouldn't ask that question - or do they think everyone just jumped off the cabbage truck?  Not only that, but the applicant must submit a "recent" picture.  C'mon, now!  The Messiah needs diversity -the appearance of diversity, that is!  If the Obama cartel is openly getting actors for this "town hall", why should we not think that they've been doing this all along?

Let's think back to last week's "town hall" at Bowie State!  Weren't some things about that event simply odd?  Why did all those people "faint", in a manner reminicient of the swoonings during Obama's campaign tours?  Is it ever so slightly possible that some people were directed to "faint", to demonstrate that the Messiah Most Miserable could still wow a crowd?

How about that "heckler"?  Am I the only one who thinks it's odd that he was allowed to remain after he "was shoved back"?  In all other previous hecklings of Obama, the offender was always evicted and sometimes even arrested.  This person was "shoved back" (no resistance?), and then was allowed to remain.  I would think that if he was a real opponent of Obama, that he would have left of his own volition after being shoved back.  Of course I can't say for sure, but that whole incident seems rather odd.

If either one and/or the other is true, what does that say about Obama?  More to the point for Marylanders, what would that say about the Maryland Democrats?  Are they so pathetic that they might need a faux audience to gin them up?  Just some food for thought - take it or leave it as you deem best!


  1. The foregoing blog entry should be a joke! Look at the beginning of the casting call! Isn't it odd that it was actually placed by MTV Networks, the producers of the event, and not the White House? Does anyone find it strange that a TV network, producing a TV event, put out a casting call through Backstage to find people for its televised event? (You shouldn't. It's what TV producers do.)

    Why is RDDC attributing the actions of a crass TV network to the President and the administration? I would think that a blog concerned with Catholicism would write entries about the Church, its members, or its actions.
    If the blog contains numerous entries about the evils of the current administration, discussing events that have nothing to do with the Church or religion at all, what does that say about the author of said blog? Shouldn't it rename itself to "Restore DC Republican Party", or perhaps a little more accurately, "Restore Unfounded Conspiracy Theories"?

    Does anyone else find

  2. Thomas, I wish it were a joke, but it isn't. Obama is going to be speaking before an MTV-vetted audience. Now do you really think that the Obama administration isn't behind the screening? Who is really that naive?

    I sure hit a raw nerve, now, didn't I? :-)

  3. I don't know if you know anything about show business, but I do. Backstage is a ubiquitous publication/website used by stage, TV, and film MTV Networks. It is how they cast people for shows from The Real World to the Jersey Shore. It is a tool of show business, not political organizations. If the Obama administration were really trying to stack the deck in its favor for the appearance of a debate, it would do better to advertise in sites like,, or
    Besides, the casting agency IS looking for diversity! They're asking for your political views. Why would they do this? Because conflict makes good television.

    And yes, you did hit a raw nerve, because phrases like "Isn't it slightly possible..." and "Of course I can't say for sure..." not only denote intellectual dishonesty, but also laziness. I might disagree with William F. Buckley on almost anything, but at least his arguments were backed up by facts. Even Andrew Breitbart took the trouble to fabricate evidence to back up his lies. You're just making up a ridiculous conspiracy theory, with neither proof or anything masking as proof.
    What you have is a shallow casting call on a show business website from a cable network known for its shallowness, and from that you have extrapolated that the President of the United States is using MTV as its propaganda arm. If you had some proof, from somebody like Robert Gibbs, that such an arrangement occurred, I might concede your point.
    Of course, Scott McClellan said that the Bush White House had such an arrangement with Fox News.

  4. Robert, methinks thou protesteth too loudly. My suggestion of these possibilities is precisely that. Call it "laziness", "dishonesty", whatever. If it's just a "conspiracy theory" as you call it, why not just let me talk on? Why do you take such umbrage? Hmmm...

  5. I'm struggling to see how this would even relate to DC Catholicism. (Maybe that's because it doesn't!) I understand that President Obama is very proabortion and supports gay rights, but who says he'll even talk about those in the town hall? This has nothing to do with policies of Mr. Obama. Rather, you took an advertisement that the administration likely had nothing to do with and are using it as an opportunity to attack the president.

  6. Hello, Michael! So you're calling yourself "Jon" these days? Yes, I see ip addresses. Whatever!

    Hey - I'm just letting people know from where these "town-hall" audiences originate. If that's what you call "attacking", well, call it what you will, since you call yourself what you will. Cheers!

  7. My father Michael and I share the same laptop, and both of us follow the blog. He must have commented on some other post, but that's beside the point. My use of the word "attack" was a poor choice; it just seems that whenever someone says something similar to what you wrote, the media describes it as an "attack." But the origins of town hall audiences have nothing to do with DC Catholicism. I commend you for pointing out the times when Mr. Obama and other politicians, especially the Catholic ones, do things that threaten the lives of the unborn; however, this is irrelevant to the state of Catholicism in the Washington, D.C. area.

  8. Jon, thank you for the clarification about the names.
    As far as the town halls having nothing to do with the title of this blog, you certainly have the right to your opinion - as I do mine. I am of the opinion that these things are quite intertwined. That does govern what I post to this blog.


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