Saturday, October 9, 2010

Colorado's Amendment 62 - A Vital Step Towards A National Human Life Amendment

If this ballot initiative passes in Colorado, it will be a landmark step towards securing protection for the unborn children.  Watch as ALL's Michael Hichborn explains.  (Click here if you can't see embedded video).


  1. Actually, it'll be an epic step back into the dark ages. It's hilarious attempting to watch you sidestep around the obvious problems with the "simple" language of the amendment.

  2. My friend, the ripping to pieces of babies in their mothers' wombs is a hall mark of the dark age in which we currently exist. I was born in a time when that didn't happen, when life was cherished. What would be hilarious if it weren't so pathetic is people like you calling respect for life "the dark ages".

  3. I believe human sacrifice, which is what abortion is, has been going on since the beginning of mankind. Milleniums ago, Satan enticed people to offer human sacrifice to him and to "the gods." Evil is nothing new.
    I am so glad you reported on this as I was unaware. This initiative is truly an answer to prayer. Many have asked, "How long Lord?" God is answering His people.
    Let us continue to pray for all abortionists, and all who promote this torture and murder of the innocent, that they may bow down in repentance before God so one day they may enter into eternal glory with God in Heaven instead of spend eternal life in the fires of Hell with the master they have thus far chosen. May we also continue to pray for wommen who have been seduced into giving their child over to this evil cause. May they be "Silent NO MOre"

  4. Anonymous, you're the one who wants to go back to the dark ages, when barbarians roamed, looted, and killed at will. They were exercising their "right to choose."

    The new barbarians exercise that same right to kill (aka right to choose) - babies today, the elderly tomorrow, Jews or Christians the next day. Either everyone, including babies at the earliest stages, have the right to life or no one does.

    We live in a pretty barbaric age when we protect snail darters, eagles' eggs, and beatles, but champion the right to rip babies in the womb limb from limb or smother late term babies OUTSIDE the womb if they have the chutpah to survive the abortion.

  5. Stop the propaganda that "the malicious liberals are all pro-abortion". Nobody is "pro-abortion". Every sane progressive person in this country believes that abortion is immoral and a tragedy, but that it should be kept legal because THE HEALTH OF A WOMEN WILL BE AFFECTED ASTRONOMICALLY LESS if her procedure is performed in a safe clinic. The "barbaric ages" to which Mary Ann, Nancy, and RDCC are referring were times when abortions were literally performed with crowbars, in alleys, by any person who thought they could pull it off. Hell, that was the case all the way up until 1973; that was how abortions were performed in desperation. Abortions today are ALWAYS performed by trained doctors and nurses; there has not been a malicious abortion as you people described performed legally since 1973. Abortion is not an "evil cause" by the liberals. We do not see abortion payments as a plot to collect money. There IS NO PLOT behind keeping abortion legal. There have not been any babies aborted in those horrific ways since the process was legalized. Abortion doctors are not going to hell just because they promoted the mental and physical health of American women. Nobody is "pro-abortion". Everybody wants there to be less unplanned pregnancy/less desperate seeking of abortions. We work towards that by locking up the rapists. You fools are attempting to do it by putting the wombs of 150 million women under government control. Voters are going to skewer your measure by a 3 to 1 count, just like they did in 2008.

  6. Shane, you are the one who has swallowed pro-abortion propaganda. You gloss over the fact that there is a baby murdered in each and every abortion, no matter how "sterile" the clinic may be. Abortions are always malicious as far as the tiny little ones are concerned. And no, Shane, I will not remove the babies from the picture, as you seem so bent on doing. Now as far as "promoting the mental and physical
    health of American women", that is a buch of nonsense. Go to websites such
    as or and
    hear women - who've been there - talk about the ravages of abortion visited upon them.
    I'm in Maryland, where four abortionists finally had their wings clipped by legal
    authorities. Google Romeo Ferrer, Stephen Brigham, or search them on my blog. These are not good guys. Are they going to hell? I can't say for sure, and I hope not. However, the commission of murder will jeopardize their chances of eternal salvation, should they die unrepentant of their sin.
    Shane, wake up. There is no way that the horrid sin of abortion can be defended.
    Understand that the aim of abortion is the brutal murder of a tiny baby; you seem
    quite resolute on ignoring that reality. On this blog, you will NOT get away with it. Get used to it.

  7. Shane, you don't know what you're talking about. Many illegal abortionists were doctors who did them in their basement, like Milan Vuitch who was responsible for the the change in the D.C. law. He just hung his shingle out the front door after Roe v. Wade. He used to joke he'd kill black babies for free. Interesting in view of the fact that blacks have 37% of the abortions and represent only 12% of the population. Planned Parenthood is notorious for setting up their butcher shops in inner city minority areas.

    As for it being safe for women! Steve Brigham who runs a chain of abortion mills in several states killed and maimed women before his license was revoked. Abortion kills women as well as babies. And it's the surgical procedure that keeps on killing. The link between breast cancer and abortion is becoming more and more indisputable although the politically correct deny it. And women suffer psychologically as well.

    But, frankly, I'm never surprised when men support abortion. It's a great cop out for the maile chauvinist pig who wants his little sex toy recycled. "Hey, Babe, you can ALWAYS get an abortion!"

    And one thing's for sure. Abortion always kills a baby -- just like you were once. If that baby has no right to life at the beginning, neither did you. And if you didn't have a right to life then, why do you have a right now? You're the same person at a different stage of development.

    Ah, but you made it. Too bad you aren't the kind of man who defends the rights of the weak and helpless.

    People who pick on those smaller than themselves are bullies. And when they kill their victims, they're murderers.


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