Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pro-Life Christians Targeted For Voicing Beliefs

In addition to the post from yesterday regarding the surveillance of the Fairfax 40 Days for Life, there are other incidents of pro-life and pro-family Christians suffering retribution for merely voicing their convictions.  I will give the links to the relevant stories on other sites.

On September 27th, a pro-life group called the Survivors were arrested for standing on a public sidewalk as they shared pro-life truth to a high school.  They were not on school property, but the sidewalk.  Read the Lifenews account.

Yesterday, in Ontario, five pro-life college students were arrested when they attempted to set up a pro-life display at Carleton University.  See the Lifesite News article here, along with the youtube clip.

These are just the latest incidents this week.  Fellow pro-lifers and Christians, if we don't start using our First Amendment rights to stand for our beliefs, we will find these rights stripped from us with impugnity, as the right to life is brazenly stripped from unborn children.

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