Monday, October 11, 2010

Wielding The Pen Of Perfidy...

Sister Carol Keehan, according to this American Spectator article, is now busy in "damage control" mode.  Now that the Obama Hell Bill has been passed, thanks in no small part to Sister's influence on Bart Stupak and others (for which she was awarded one of the signing pens), she is busy trying to white-wash the mess she facilitated.  Note - she isn't trying to correct things, just sweep them under the rug so the truth doesn't hurt her progressive pals in the November elections (and let's make sure it does!).

In Scranton, PA, several Catholic hospitals have closed.  The CEO of one of them, Kevin Cook, when initially asked about the cause, said quite forthrightly that the Obama Hell bill was a factor.  That was his first statement.  It appears that Sister Carol got to him and he subsequently issued other, different statements.  I need not repeat the article - please read it.  I will point out that these hospital closings are just the first, and are only a harbinger of the unraveling of the US health care industry, unless we reverse the disaster of the Obama Hell Bill.  All you fans of Sister Carol Keehan (and I mean you, Gonzaga administrators!) bear this in mind when you and/or your loved ones find healthcare just a little harder to obtain!

Of course Sister Carol Keehan isn't buddy-buddy with only the Messiah Most Miserable.  She seems to be quite chummy with Cardinal McCarrick.  This woman, who should have been barred from Holy Communion under Canon 915, actually did one of the readings during the Cardinal's birthday celebration Mass.  Clergymen who cozy up to dissidents such as Sister Carol actually grease the skids as civilization careens into the pits of hell.

PS - Read what my colleague at Throw The Bums Out in 2010 has to say about this!

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