Saturday, October 23, 2010

Please Support Missy Smith's Ads!

The pro-abortion and abortion-apathetic establishment in the DC area (and the nation) are shocked - just shocked, I tell you! - that the results of their advocacy are being displayed for all the world to see.  For the tiniest microcosm of the reactions, go to my earlier post and read the comments, and do the same for Jill Stanek's posts.  Clearly they don't want their consciences stung, but it's only the guilty conscience that can be stung.  Is the populace at large uncomfortable and even grieved?  It should be.  Remember, though, it's not the discomfort or grief that's the problem; it's the underlying evil of abortion that must be eradicated.  For that to happen, there must be deep-seated repentance on the part of many - including the politician who passes abortion-permissive laws, the bishops and priests who refuse to obey Canon 915, right on down to the "ordinary citizen" who won't be bothered to give a damn about the murders occurring at the abortuary less than a mile from his/her home.

There is mass media coverage being given to these ads.  The Washington Times did a piece on Missy.  It also disclosed the abysmal treatment that she is receiving from the DC Republican Party.  Paul Craney, the executive director of the DC GOP, went so far as to ask Missy not to run for that seat.  Mind you, there never was another Republican bucking for that nomination.  He'd rather have no one run than have to face that elephant in his living room.  He admitted so much when he said, and I quote from the Times article, that abortion "is an issue we have skirted because it needs a well-thought-out plan."  (Correction: this "skirted" quote came from Tim Day, one of the GOP candidates for City Council)  "Well-thought-out plan" my arse!  Talk about a lame cop-out!   Mr. Day, Craney et al, it's called the GOP party platform!  Have you read it?  Do you adhere to it?  The answer to that second question is obviously a big, fat "NO".  He has lots of company - the Montgomery County GOP chairman likewise doesn't adhere to the platform - per a public confrontation that I had with him in spring of 2009, but I digress!  Needless to say, people like Craney and the rest of the GOP establishment are why there's a Tea Party movement.

These ads will continue to run through Election Day.  They do cost money.  Please go to her campaign site to contribute any sum of money that you can.  Thank you.

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