Monday, October 18, 2010

Let's Import Some Polish Bishops!

Catholic bishops in Poland have made clear to their parliament that if they vote for state funding of in-vitro fertilization, that they will be excommunicated.  My hat's off to them!  Thanks be to God for bishops acting like shepherds and not politicians themselves.

A word to the "People for the (pseudo) American Way" types..  No one is forcing anything on those MPs.  They don't have to call themselves Catholic.  However, they don't define Catholicism.  The bishops are the leaders of the Church over there.  The authority of the bishops was laid in place by Jesus Christ Himself, and it is within the purview of the bishops to define what it is to be Catholic.  Should the MPs dissent from that, well, they're not Catholic.  Got that??  Let us hope that they do, if only for the sake of their own immortal souls.

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