Sunday, October 3, 2010

Incredible Admission By Time Magazine

I was in the checkout line at a grocery store yesterday and saw the October 4th issue of Time magazine (pictured at right) at the stand.  The title itself is an admission that human life begins at the moment when sperm meets ovum.  Here's the title: How The First Nine Months Shape The Rest Of Your Life.  Please note that the grammatical structure and vocabulary used indicate that "the first nine months" is truly a part of the human person's life.

The article by Annie Murphy Paul starts on page 51 of the print addition.  In the third paragraph she mentions "your life as a fetus".  Note the personal possessive adjective "your".  Of course anyone with any knowledge of Latin realizes that "foetus" simply means "little one".  Going further down that paragraph, she mentions influences upon the mother "while she was pregnant with you".  Again, take note!  She was pregnant with... a blob of tissue?  A clump of cells?  Products of conception?  No!  She was pregnant with you - a person!

Proceeding to the next paragraph, we see that "the first nine months of gestation constitute the most consequential period of our lives".  So it's a period of our lives, no less so than early childhood, adolescence, etc.  Since it is our lives, it is not a period in which our lives are subject to anyone's so-called "choice".  Moving on, we read about "conditions we encounter in utero".  There it is - another personal pronoun, admissive of human personality.

I truly suspect that most of the intelligent pro-abortion people really don't believe the attempts at self-delusion, the ones that chant that the baby isn't truly a human being with his/her own God-given rights.  Articles such as this one are admissions of truth, be those admissions ever so inadvertent.

Go to the store and pick up a copy.  Read it for yourselves.  Write to the editors and thank them for acknowleding the human personality of the unborn child.  You can bet that the progressive pro-aborts are excoriating them.

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